Halloween Bug Photo Contest

Halloween Bug Photo Contest

Color Changing LED Pumpkin Lights

So I was poking around eBay a little while ago and came across some outdoor LED flood lights with RGB LEDs in them. RGB stands for red, green, and blue. These cool little lights come with a remote and you can make them change color, with a choice of about 16 different colors! In addition, they have a strobe, and other color fading features built in. The one’s I got were about $30 each on eBay, but they will last forever since they are LED.

Here is what the outdoor LED RGB flood lights look like:

multi colored outdoor led flood light with remote

Multi Colored Outdoor LED Flood Light With Remote

One of these lights easily fits inside a pumpkin and provides more than enough light to make your pumpkin look amazing.

Below are a some pictures of this light inside the pumpkin we carved last night. You can see just how bright the light is, and you can see how cool the different colors look. We have it set to just slowly fade through the different colors and it looks really neat. ENJOY!

pumpkin led light orange

Pumpkin LED Light (Orange)

pumpkin led light green

Pumpkin LED Light (Green)

pumpkin led light red

Pumpkin LED Light (Red)

pumpkin led light blue

Pumpkin LED Light (Blue)

pumpkin led light purple

Pumpkin LED Light (Purple)

At the bottom of this post there is a video I put on YouTube of the pumpkin with the 10 watt RGB LED light inside cycling through all the colors.

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Good luck!

ipad mini halloween costume contest

Pumpkin Light Ideas

LED pumpkin lightsWelcome to Pumpkin Lights! This site was created to give you some new ideas to light up your pumpkins on Halloween. Pumpkin lights have been around for a very long time. The first, and still most common, light being the candle. It has been the tradition of people all over the world to carve a pumpkin on Halloween night, place a candle inside and watch the light shine through the carved figure on the front of the pumpkin. Now, you can get a little more creative with the new LED pumpkin light system from Pumpkin Lights!

If you really want to make the most of your Halloween decorations, you are going to have to modernize. LEDs have been around a while now, some of the more advanced LEDs are found in LED flashlights, and you can make some really cool effects with them, even inside pumpkins! Because LED lights are so bright, you can use our pumpkin light secret idea to create a really neat effect on your pumpkin.

When our pumpkin lights are turned off your pumpkin will look completely ordinary. This will give your pumpkin the ability to surprise your Halloween guests. This effect is acheived by taking our pumpkin light set and pressing them half-way into the back end of the pumpkin face. Since the LEDs are bright enough, once activated the light will shine through the pumpkin skin and a magical pumpkin face will appear! Many different configurations can be made, and they can also be made to change and move.  Simple, yet brilliant!